About our company


FBC Logistics GmbH is a Germany-based supplier of the Flexible Bulk Container (FBC) in EMEA region. With its local entities and extensive network, FBC Logistics has a wide reach, and is quick and reliable in providing best in class customer service. Our experts have substantial experiences in various dry bulk industries. They provide clients with FBC operation consulting and conduct trials. FBC Logistics supplies and maintains Flexible Bulk Containers and assists clients in design, implementation and operation of FBC System within their logistics chain.

Since 2014, FBC Logistics has established a solid and close partnership with Russia-based JSC NTT, the sole manufacturer of Flexible Bulk Container worldwide. Our partner developed the FBC in 1997, and has patented and certified it internationally. Since then, NTT has acquired large-scale clients in CIS countries and proved to be a reliable and client-oriented service provider. It has also put significant efforts into internationalization of its success story by establishing a global network of distribution centers while extending its production capacities to meet growing global demand.


FBC Logistics and its partner direct their joint efforts towards manufacturing the most durable as well as environmentally & resource friendliest dry bulk packaging and storage mean worldwide – the FBC. True to our motto “we build to last”, we are aiming to establish a new international standard and to lay ground for resource friendly product innovations in dry bulk material packaging industry.


We are highly committed to enable our clients’ improvement, transformation and creation of the supply chains by integrating the FBC System. We accompany the full satisfaction of our clients’ needs by ensuring a quick implementation of FBC System and the high level of flexibility provided by our rental based business model. The major focus is to ensure the excellence of our experts and to permanently improve our customized services.


We develop sustainable relationships with honesty and transparency to fully understand and fulfill each client’s and partner’s specific needs. The contribution of each colleague is utmost valued and we foster a thriving environment within our company. It is further imperative to us to constantly reduce our product’s ecological footprint and to support the development of local communities by creating jobs.

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