FBC System

environment friendly, efficient & economical 
transportation and storage of dry bulk materials

FBC Logistics supplies and maintains an optimal FBC pool, which is determined jointly with the client.

Our technical department works closely with client’s trustworthy engineering firm to design the best suitable FBC filling equipment.

We train client’s personnel in FBC handling for all relevant operations.

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Our basic services

Rental of FBC

Together with our clients we determine the optimal FBC pool size which balances cost, operational efficiencies and client’s security preferences in the supply chain. The pool size is permanently maintained and out-of-order FBCs are replaced from our safety stock.

Complementary Services

Maintenance of FBC

After every discharge, FBCs are returned to our local maintenance facility to undergo the maintenance procedure, which includes drying, inspection, repair and reassembly processes. Subsequently, FBCs are folded, accumulated and returned timely to the client for the next filling.

Supervision services

Our supervisors monitor clients’ ongoing FBC operations and assist in an advisory capacity. Most commonly, our clients rely on these services until their own staff developed FBC handling expertise.

24/7 technical support

Clients can rely on 24/7 technical support for the ongoing FBC operations independent of using the supervisory services.

Additional services

FBC filling & discharge

Transport of emptied FBCs to maintenance facility

Transport of maintained FBCs to the client for FBC filling

Our product expertise

Products‘000 MT
Wood pellets2,200
Gold concentrate1,100
Sulfur (lumps, granules)600
Coal tar pitch600
Grain (wheat, barley)450
Animal feed100
China clay15

Trials, one-time
& seasonal shipments

Soda ash, fly ash, nickel con­cen­trate, magnesite, ferro­silicon, coal tar pitch, carbon black, china clay, ferti­lizers (nitro­gen ferti­lizers – urea, ammo­nium ni­trate, ammo­nium sulfate; mono­ammo­nium phosphate – MAP & di­ammo­nium phos­phate – DAP; potassium chloride), ammo­nium nitrate, ammo­nium sulfate, sugar, feed additives (de­fluor­inated feed phos­phate – DFP, sun­flower oil cake, sun­flower meal), ammo­nium phos­phate, ferro­silicon.